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Access To Lauren & Charlie

Get access to Lauren & Charlie via the private community. Ask questions, get answers, share your favorite guitars photos with other guitar enthusiasts and more!

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LIVE Sessions

Can’t get enough of Lauren & Charlie’s YouTube lessons? Join them LIVE in their private monthly Q&A calls and Song Play Along sessions. Get your questions answered live.

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BONUS Content

Can’t make a LIVE call? No problem! Access the recordings in the Member’s area and get access to top secret content we can’t mention here.

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FREE Giveaways!

You can participate in the free guitar giveaway, where you cann share your wins, stories and perfomances.

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Get two months for free!

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See What Members Are Saying

Terry Lenhart

Lauren having the community is such a reassuring feeling in being able to get feed back and encouragement from others who are or have experienced the same problems which I have trouble with.
The community is such a wonderful group to be associated with.
Thank you Lauren for the personal touch in regards to my lessons and learning.

Barry Harfenes

I had a guitar sitting around for over 30 years. I would pick it up once in a while but I could never really learn to play. After a year and a half of working from Lauren’s lessons and with the support of this group I can actual play songs that sound like they should. I still have a long way to go but I can see my progress in weeks not years.

Donnalee Robinson

Lauren’s structured approach and lessons were just what I needed to help me learn how to play guitar. Her warmth, kindness, wit, knowledge and eagerness to share that openly will be what I hop takes me to the next level in my journey. She’s so approachable and that radiates down through her team. As for the community, I can’t imagine there’s another one like it.
Supportive, positive, and quick wit…

Jenny Chun-Ossowski

This community is a huge part of why Lauren’s course is such a great investment.
Her lessons are awesome, for sure!
However, your fellow guitar enthusiasts are an integral part of the learning experience.
Nothing like sharing the experience of learning the guitar!

Steve Glen Mercure

I do love this community as it and the members are my support system to learn guitar! As an older beginner, age 60, it is empowering to have a place to go for answers to my questions. No matter how simple a question, Lauren and other members are quick with encouraging answers.

Lori Bennett

love this community. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. I learned guitar so much quicker with Lauren than I ever did with in-person lessons and having this community has helped cement those lessons.

Bryan Wilson

When starting out learning to play guitar it is very intimidating and frustrating. This community of guitar enthusiasts are very supportive and encouraging.
Knowing we are all on the same journey and hearing the challenges and solutions from others who have been where you are today without judgement is simply incredible.

Patty Thomas Johnson

The support and encouragement found in this group is phenomenal. Every single day I find help and kind words and encouragement. Add this to Lauren’s teaching and the sky is the limit as to what you can accomplish on your guitar journey.

Thomas St Marie

My journey with the fellowship of the strings began almost a 1 1/2 years ago after retiring. Lauren’s 7 level course and Youtube lessons made all the difference for me. If I don’t play every day I am thinking about my guitar and what to practice next. Lauren has changed my life for the better!

Brian E. Lock

This community and Lauren’s courses are phenomenal!! I have taken the traditional route where you have a teacher you see once a week for half an hour. I can speak to Lauren or her team everyday not to mention the overwhelming support from my peers.
This is the only way to go!!!!

Darcy Miller

The Fellowship of the Strings community is the “secret sauce” that makes Lauren’s guitar program so special. The people in our group inspire me every day.

Mike Bader

Lauren and her team are constantly adding to and improving her courses. And this community that she has created is wonderful; an absolutely supportive, polite group of people!

Gary Walters

This is the best thing I ever did for my guitar journey. All the courses, song circles, question and answer sessions where you learn so much every time. Most of all is the awesome community you become a part of.
Ilove it all!

Richard daSilva

If you are looking for a loving and supportive guitar players community, than there is no better place to be than Lauren Bateman’s Fellowship Of The Strings. Not only will you learn everything about how to play a guitar but you will also develop lifetime relationships with those who share your passion.

Laura Franks

Being a part of Lauren’s Community has been an awesome experience. There is so much encouragement and understanding from all taking this journey. Lauren has shared so many videos and I have found myself playing more songs than I ever thought I could.

Tracy Kitchell

Lauren takes her courses to the next level without over whelming you! She is always working on making improvements to the community to make the whole experience better.


  • Can I Cancel At Any Time?

    Yes! Your membership acts like any other type of subscription. You can easily cancel through your student account. If you cancel and want to re-enroll, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period.

  • Who If I Play Electric Guitar?

    As some of you know, I am mainly an acoustic guitar player and that’s where my strengths are. I can play electric guitar, but not as well as my VERY good friend Charlie Long who is an amazing Rock & Blues guitar player. He will be focusing on answering questions and doing live sessions focused more on the electric guitar side of things including but not limited to – the Blues, Rock guitar, scales, soloing and advanced music theory. You get two amazing teachers for the price of one!

  • Do I Need A Course To Enroll?

    You do not need to own any of my guitar courses to enroll in the Fellowship of the Strings. I understand that many students don’t want a course but are looking for a community of like-minded individuals to share their wins with. The hardest part of the guitar journey is not finding the right course or teacher but finding the right group of individuals to keep you motivated and help you succeed. THIS is where the Fellowship of the Strings comes through. The goal is to support ALL students on their unique guitar journey in a positive, encouraging and friendly environment.

    Also, there’s a lot of comfort in knowing that if and when you have a question, someone will be there to answer.

  • What Kind Of Bonuses Come With Membership?

    I do free guitar giveaways, lots of pop-in lessons and behind the scenes footage. Not only that, I do provide some additional lesson materials & PDFs. For example, when I do a finger exercise on YouTube, I will make the TAB for that exercise available to the Membership. Here is a finger exercises I did on YouTube where having the TAB would be very helpful to practice with: Moveable Spider Exercise TAB

    You will also get access to unlisted YouTube lessons I don’t share with the public. It’s my secret way of saying thank you for showing your support. It really does mean the world to me.